Commodity Recycling Programs

Mixed Debris

Simplistic, efficient, cost-effective, comprehensive, sustainable, certified, credible, responsible…

GRRO International has a simple solution. Our Commodity Recycling Programs act as a large vacuum for many of your recyclables. Gather all of your commodities together and let our professional route representatives take it from there. We’ll collect all gathered commodities, consolidate them in our facility, transfer full shipments to GRRO-certified recycling markets for responsible processing and prepare comprehensive summary reports for all materials collected. GRRO International’s “Quad Bottom-Line Advantage” of Environmental, Social, Fiscal and Public Relations benefits are results realized by all of our commodity recycling clients.

GRRO’s process is simple……

We’ll assess your facility’s current recyclable materials collection process.
Strategic solutions will be recommended and implemented GRRO staff in order to maximize efficiencies and gather additional recyclable volumes.

With the analysis complete, we get active……

Scheduled collection times will be assigned for dispatch of GRRO’s transportation
GRRO’s Route Representative(s) will collect all designated commodities in one pick up.

Our expert staff then market your materials……

We’ll consolidate your recyclable commodities with others' into truckload quantities to maximize efficiencies, lower costs and increase their potential value.
With markets identified, GRRO will coordinate the transportation and disposition.
All identified reusable materials are included in outbound shipments to our extensive network of domestic, national and international charitable partners.

Results, results, results……GRRO International’s Quad Bottom-line Advantage

Our data collection is extensive throughout and is designed to present a comprehensive summary report for all commodities collected.
GRRO will deliver the highest service value, coupled with the most environmentally-sustainable recycling solutions, socially responsible reuse options and tremendous public relations exposure, followed closely with comprehensive reporting.


All of these commodities can be transported in small or large quantities, to the GRRO Warehouse or to a GRRO-Certified End Market.

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