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Over the years we noticed many of our Wakefield clients faced with the massive task of disposing of large amounts of surplus items. So I created GRRO to provide our clients a simple, cost effective, socially conscious alternative to flooding landfills with still usable items.
Randy Davekos

President, Wakefield Companies/GRRO

About GRRO International

Green Reuse Recycle Organization (GRRO)

We are an approved vendor under Massachusetts State Contract FAC96. GRRO International is a “Green” company that Reuses and Recycles all commodities. GRRO has a surplus redistribution program that helps charities both domestically and internationally. A majority of our projects are done with schools all over the country. School classroom and dorm room furniture is reused by children in need. Old desks and even mattresses are a premium for a lot of people everywhere in the world today.

Massachusetts State Contract FAC96

GRRO International can handle your surplus needs through our Surplus Redistribution Programs. From cleaning out an office at One Ashburton Place to a high school renovation project in western MA, we will work with the approved vendor of your choice to provide you with a sustainable solution. GRRO’s Quad Bottom-Line Advantage offers financial, social, environmental and public relations benefits to your organization. Have a project you’d like GRRO to help with? Contact us for more information.

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