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*FAC96 Approved Reuse Surplus Redistribution Programs 888.248.6446
We are an approved vendor under Massachusetts State Contract FAC96*. GRRO International partners with hundreds of US and global recipient organizations in providing sustainable and responsible reuse programs. GRRO surplus redistribution, end-of-life and management programs are designed to give schools, hospitals, and businesses turnkey solutions. When you choose GRRO surplus redistribution, your the FINANCIAL, ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL and PUBLIC RELATIONS benefits are immense. Every GRRO surplus redistribution project is designed to be simple and beneficial for all parties involved. * Approval under our parent firm, Wakefield Moving & Storage.
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Projects & Recipients

Colleges, Schools, Hospitals and Communities We Serve


Surplus Redistribution Programs

Responsible, Credible, Environmentally Sustainable



Commodity Recycling Programs

GRRO’s Warehouse or to a GRRO-Certified End Market


The GRRO Advantage

  • Surplus Diverted from Landfills
  • Cost Savings of 30%-40%
  • Easier & Less Costly Than Dumpsters
  • Aid to Millions Worldwide
  • Organizational Green Initiatives
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Tonage for Sustainability Goals

About GRRO

GRRO International stands for Green, Reuse, Recycle, Organization.

GRRO International is a “Green” company that Reuses and Recycles all commodities. GRRO surplus redistribution programs help charities both domestically and internationally. A majority of GRRO surplus redistribution projects are done with schools all over the country. School classroom and dorm room furniture is reused by children in need. Old desks and even mattresses are a premium for a lot of people everywhere in the world today.

GRRO Services

    • Dorm Furniture Reuse
    • Student Moving
    • Mattress Reuse
    • Repurpose Solutions
    • Cost Savings of 30%-40%
    • Aid to Millions Worldwide
    • Organizational Green Initiatives
    • Comprehensive Reports
    • Donation/Recycling/Decommission
    • Guaranteed Container Delivery
Innovative, Comprehensive Reuse Programs 888.248.6446
GRRO identifies all no longer needed items, and markets this surplus to a national network of charitable partners for reuse. Lower the cost of removal and disposition with GRRO. GRRO consistently exceeds customer expectations while providing innovative, multifaceted environmental solutions. We offer complete start to finish assistance. NO project too big or too small!

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Learn how we can help you recycle, reuse and take full financial benefit of our environmentally friendly, economically sustainable surplus redistribution program. Serving New England, the 50 United States, and organizations throughout the world.

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Our Location

One Second Street
Peabody, MA 01960