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GRRO International’s Surplus Redistribution Programs consider all of your targeted materials and provides responsible, credible AND environmentally sustainable options for the disposition of ALL surplus materials.
Dave Shaw

President, GRRO International

Surplus Redistribution Programs

We have established surplus disposition solutions that are sustainable, fiscally competitive, environmentally focused and socially responsible. GRRO International has developed programs dedicated to solving the “what do I do with all of this surplus?” question. Our solutions include a vast network of charitable partners, a dedicated collection of surplus resellers, solid relationships with national, professional moving vendors and GRRO-certified recycling end-markets. Combined, this comprehensive program targets maximum available resale value, charitable redistribution for that which cannot be liquidated and certified recycling markets for the remainder of 100% of each project’s surplus.

The GRRO Solutions Informaion Packet

GRRO’s “Quad Bottom-Line Advantage” of Environmental, Social, Fiscal and Public Relations benefits are consistently delivered in the following programs:

GRRO’s Bottom Line Advantage

Decades of industry experience, professional service, environmentally sustainable recycling solutions, socially responsible reuse options, comprehensive resale solutions and tremendous public relations exposure

GRRO Redistribution Programs
  • Higher Education
  • K-12
  • Property Management
  • Hospitality
  • Corporate
  • Furniture Manufacturers
  • Retail
GRRO Redistribution Options
  • Liquidation*
  • Charitable reuse
  • Recycling

*Liquidation not available for all programs

GRRO Process……
  • We assess project scope and materials targeted for removal and disposition in a scheduled, pre-project site analysis.
GRRO Analysis……
  • GRRO’s expert staff analyze all targeted assets for resale composition and seek options to maximize those within the compilation of the project’s scope.
  • We identify remaining materials and market those to a national network of charitable partners for reuse options in order to lower the cost of removal and disposition.
  • All materials identified as non-resaleable or non-reusable are marketed to GRRO-certified recycling markets for responsible, environmentally sustainable recycling options
GRRO Plan……
  • Our experienced staff prepares and communicates a detailed logistics plan including labor crews, transportation, end markets and overseas shipping for all targeted materials.
GRRO Action……
  • Our experienced Project Managers execute the logistics plan on site and ensure on-time and on-budget adherence to all pre-planned elements of the project.
  • Our data collection is extensive throughout and is designed to present a comprehensive summary report for all resale, reuse and recycling project activities upon its conclusion.

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