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Answers to Common Questions. Have More Questions? Speak to a GRRO Consultant for Personalized Answers

What is “surplus” defined as?

Surplus property is that which is no longer needed but is perfectly reusable in its original design or in a practical secondary usage. It is an item which still can be put to use in some manner without completely redesigning it or retrofitting it.

What does the ||GRRO|| in GRRO International stand for?

GRRO stands for the Green Reuse and Recycling Organization International.

Are you an authorized vendor under the Massachusetts surplus and moving services state contract FAC96?

Yes we are. We are listed as a sub-contractor within Wakefield Moving & Storage’s FAC96 bid award and as such, can support any Massachusetts state agency, municipality or institution looking for responsible surplus disposition or moving services.

Will you take ALL of my surplus when you arrive for a project?

Yes. Always. We’ll account for the responsible disposition of 100% of your project’s targeted surplus materials on every project. GRRO will either funnel the items through our charitable reuse program or we’ll include commodity recycling for those items that aren’t reusable and return those materials back into our economy.

Where does the surplus go when you take it?

GRRO has established a network of local, regional and international strategic partners whose mission includes the provision of relief materials to an area of the US or the world. All of our partners have been audited completely by GRRO staff and have received our “GRRO Green Standard of Excellence”

Are you a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization?

GRRO International is a for-profit company that partners with 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations to ship furniture through our charitable reuse program to local, domestic, and international destinations.

Do you handle all aspects of my furniture removal and surplus disposition project?

Yes, we do. Once you have pointed a GRRO staff member in the right direction, our expert Project Managers can take over all that is involved with your project. We can also fit into your scope of work wherever and however you choose, taking more or less of the planning and coordination responsibilities from you. It’s completely your call, but we excel when handed the total responsibility.

Can GRRO International cover projects throughout the US or are you restricted to a specific geography or region?

GRRO can cover projects anywhere in the US when dealing with surplus property. Our commodity recycling programs are limited to certain geographies due to the need for local end-markets.

I have to submit a report to my department heads on all recycling activities and I was wondering what type of reporting would GRRO International offer?

GRRO, as a standard component of every project, will submit a comprehensive “GRRO Green Project Summary Report”. This report will include data for all activities related to that project, including all reuse, recycling and internal redeployment. The data and formatting will support all LEED reporting requirements as well.