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GRRO (Green Recycle Reuse Organization)

    • Surplus Diverted from Landfills
    • Cost Savings of 30% – 40% – easier/cheaper than dumpsters
    • Donation/Recycling/Decommission
    • Asset Recovery/Repurpose Solutions
    • Aid to Millions Worldwide – helping the people who need it most
    • Organizational Green Initiatives
    • Comprehensive  Reports- helping with sustainability goals
    • Guaranteed Container Delivery for all size projects
    • Visit us online at GRROinternational.com


Over 50 Years of Superior Service & Solutions 888.248.6446

GRRO International, a Member of the Wakefield Companies, is a “Green” company that Reuses and Recycles all commodities. GRRO has a surplus redistribution program that helps charities both domestically and internationally. A majority of our projects are done with schools all over the country. School classroom and dorm room furniture is reused by children in need. Old desks and even mattresses are a premium for a lot of people everywhere in the world today.